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As a small business owner, I understand first-hand the importance of balancing economic development, while maintaining the unique essence of Palm Springs. As a full-time resident, I believe in ensuring the quality of our neighborhoods and the safety of our residents. As someone who loves Palm Springs and has been embraced by our community, I recognize the role I can play in giving back.  That said, I want to hear back from the residents of District 2 to finalize a platform that truly represents the community.  We can come together to make Palm Springs all that we know it can be.
Public Safety
  • Staff our police force to handle not just a city with a population of 45,000 full time residents, but a City that regularly sees that grow two or three times with visitors and events

  • Strengthen the relationship between the police and our residents and businesses to address the increase in violent crime, residential burglary, and drug related problems

  • Adopt a plan to make our streets safe for cyclists and pedestrians

  • Partner with our fire department to obtain approval to allow our paramedics to transport those needing medical care instead of using county selected for-profit company

  • Create a long-term plan for location and renovation of our fire stations, appropriate staffing, and resources for our growing needs

  • Declare a housing emergency as housing has reached a crisis level for the unhoused, as well as those seeking affordable and moderate housing options

  • See a timely completion of the new navigation center and ensure minimal negative impact on the community

  • Create additional services for the unhoused throughout the city, including in-the-field programs to reach the unhoused with mental health or addiction issues

  • Increase responsibility of property owners to secure locations

  • Develop new affordable housing options and set aside funding annually for our housing fund.  Allocate a portion of vacation rental total occupancy tax for this purpose

  • Establish an ordinance for inclusionary housing in new developments to ensure affordable and moderate housing options

  • Review how vacation rentals affect housing stock and update the ordinance accordingly

Economic Development
  • Create a position within our Economic Development Department to focus on locally owned businesses and ensure the department is fully staffed

  • Require new commercial developments to include a percentage of locally owned businesses

  • Establish local business opportunities at the Palm Springs Airport

  • Develop new revenue sources for the city so tourism is not our sole industry

  • Improve our broadband efforts to attract new industries and remote work

  • Attract new businesses, while ensuring that locally owned businesses remain integral to our economy

  • Protect our priority open spaces

  • Continue to prioritize our city’s commitment to our historically significant architecture

  • Ensure that marginalized communities have a voice in our city

  • Require diversity training for all City employees

  • Develop supportive programming to help our aging LGBTQ+ population as well as our other marginalized communities

  • Develop a minority-owned business support system within our Economic Development Department

  • Develop a long-term plan that ensures diversity in City staff, boards & commissions, and our population as a whole in age and income, as well as race, religion, sexual orientation and identity

Quality of Life
  • Review our vacation rental ordinance to determine impact on local neighborhoods

  • Increase the rate of street repaving

  • Improve our neighborhood parks: facilities, dog parks, athletic facilities, playgrounds, safety, sustainability

  • Ensure a balance of efforts aimed to attract visitors and those aimed at residents

  • Require College of the Desert to fulfill their promise of a West Valley Campus at the former mall site, on a timely basis

  • Employ resources of our city and community to support our students and schools

  • Support our local non-profits with additional resources.

  • Expand our use of available renewable energy sources

  • Ensure new developments are carbon neutral

  • Incentivize and require existing commercial properties to be more energy efficient

  • Ensure that sustainability requirements are equally shared by small businesses, residents, property owners and the City

Together, we can do this!

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